How to opt out from marketing calls for the consumer -

If you have received a call, SMS, email, or letter from one of our partners and now wish to opt out of further marketing you can do this in the following ways :

By emailing Imminent Solutions at , we will then activate your request to Opt out by adding you to our Do Not Call List.

Or by writing to our office at Unit 188 Mitcham Road London, United Kingdom, SW17 9NJ

We would also recommend that you go to and register on the government run site – this is the telephone preference service. Imminent Solutions always screen any data against the telephone preference service (apart from where Explicit Consent has been given) – within 28 days your number will then be on the TPS register (please note even though it appears that you are on the TPS register as soon as you have added your number online.

As an agency we make sure all of the records we supply are opted in. Imminent Solutions will be able to provide you with an opt in date, time, and place – either by phone or online.

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