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Founded back in 2004, built from our unique multi-channel survey, Imminent Solutions is the ideal marketing company solutions, and we believe it is crucial to put the client’s needs first and to deliver a bespoke marketing solution for each organisation.

Imagine being able to employ a team of marketing professionals – each with their own specialist skills. Well now you can. Whatever your sector and whatever you are looking to achieve, we have the team to support you.

Our compliant, best-practice solutions deliver ultimate data-driven marketing success. We have set new standards for lead management quality and compliance. We strive for excellence in multi-channel direct marketing.

Our goal remains the same as it was from the start! Reaching and building the most responsive consumer audiences.

We are thankful for our strunggle because without it we wouldn’t have stumbled across our strengths.

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We are your marketing tool – matching the right consumer data sets, and generating the most relevant customers for your company to direct it’s marketing.

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